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XP Games Sponsorships

XP Games is proud to announce that we are now providing sponsored partnerships!



Art by Alex

Alexander Davey (Art By Alex) is a young creative artist making custom artwork focused around Pokemon trading cards!

Specialising in Pokemon silhouette Alexander is looking to expand into custom cards and playmats in the future!
For a custom piece feel free to contact Art by Alex directly!

Find out more at www.facebook.com/Artbymealex

pandalogo-01 (1)


PodgyPanda is Richard Kuoch, an artist, illustrator and animator from Auckland, New Zealand who is an avid Pokemon GO player and Pokemon TCG collector.

PodgyPanda’s characters exude that playful innocence we so often associate with childhood. Utilising his background in illustration and animation, he follows his motto “Blink, Smile, Share” by creating characters and illustrations that show his fun and unique take on life through art.

His projects range from commercial design such as murals, logos and character creations, through to apparel and merchandise.

To find out more visit our website: www.podgypanda.com

Twitter; twitter.com/podgypanda
Facebook; facebook.com/podgypandaart
Twitch; twitch.tv/podgypanda
Instagram; instagram.com/podgypanda


Lèsè Esports

Founded in 2017 by Liam Parker, Lèsè Esports was born with the hopes of becoming more involved in the gaming world. Originally having a team in several games including Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Fortnite and Paladins, we have refined our skills and working with our players we now have teams competing in a variety of games and competitions/tournaments across the Oceania and South East Asia regions.

We have our players best interests at heart and do all that we can to ensure their skills and interests are used to the best of their abilities. In a forever changing industry we are always looking at what is up and coming and what can best benefit out players.

Want to join the team? Email us at Sales@xpgames.co.nz with your proposal!