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Welcome PodgyPanda!

We are super excited to be introducing PodgyPanda to our sponsorship team!
PodgyPanda (Richard Kuoch) is a fantastic artist, illustrator and animator from Auckland, New Zealand as well as an elite Pokemon Go player and Pokemon TCG collector!

PodgyPanda streams twice a week (on average) and brings an amazing chill vibe! Often found drawing up some Pokemon emotes for his fellow streamers/fans, catching more shiny Pokemon than Nathan Fillion and finishing off his stream with some pack breaks!

PodgyPanda’s characters exude that playful innocence we so often associate with childhood. Utilising his background in illustration and animation, he follows his motto “Blink, Smile, Share” by creating characters and illustrations that show his fun and unique take on life through art.

“PodgyPanda has to be one of my personal favourite streamers! His relaxed vibe and awesome banter is always a great way to finish off after a busy/stressful workday.” – Nathaniel White (XP Games Owner)

A well dressed PodgyPanda (Richard) in his natural habitat

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