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Joining the #DRAGONARMY!

XP Games is proud to announce the sponsorship of Lèsè Esports!

Cappy playing at Victory LAN in Ghent Belguim, December 1st 2019

Founded in 2017 by Liam Parker, Lese Esports was born with the hopes of becoming more involved in the gaming world. Originally having a team in several games including Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Fortnite and Paladins, we have refined our skills and working with our players we now have teams competing in a variety of games and competitions/tournaments across the Oceania and South East Asia regions. Lese has become more than just an esports organisation, With the constantly growing Content and streaming team.

TinTin (Second on the left) 3rd place at Escape Portal Smashfest 3rd September 2020

From competing in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League in South East Asia in season 10 and 11. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds ESL AU & NZ Championship Phase 3 Season. We also ventured to Europe and obtained a Battalion 1944 team ready for Victory LAN were we placed 7th. However more recently Placing 3rd behind Renegades and Chiefs in the Call of Duty APAC Challengers Regional Finals.

Our current teams consist of our APAC CSGO team, currently playing in the ESEA Mountain Dew League. We also have two  Super Smash Bros Ultimate players, TinTin and Coogs currently attending LAN events every week in Perth WA. Then our Tekken player Roach who has proved to be WA’s best current player who also attends Tekken events weekly.

Liam Parker (Founder) with Son on his shoulders at PAX AUS 2019

We have our players best interests at heart and do all that we can to ensure their skills and interests are used to the best of their abilities. In a forever changing industry we are always looking at what is up and coming and what can best benefit out players.

We here at Lese Esports are driven to not only to become a top Esports organisation in ANZ but also on the international level.

The Founder and CEO of Lese Esports Liam Parker had these few words about obtaining our newest partner. “I am very happy to be partnering with the fastest growing TCG traders in New Zealand. I am very happy to be working with XP GAMES, especially the CEO Nathaniel, who has shown to run a very professional business. We cant wait to see what the future holds with our Partnership.”

Aleksi playing at Victory LAN in Ghent Belguim, December 1st 2019
Roach (Far left) place 2nd Escape Portal Monthly tekken 7 Fight night

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