Introducing Art By Alex!

We are proud to announce a joint venture between XP Games and Art By Alex! Alexander Davey (Art By Alex) is a young creative artist making custom artwork focused around Pokemon trading cards! Alexander has been expressing his artistic talents since a young age! After losing his job during the pandemic, he decided to quite

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Welcome PodgyPanda!

We are super excited to be introducing PodgyPanda to our sponsorship team!PodgyPanda (Richard Kuoch) is a fantastic artist, illustrator and animator from Auckland, New Zealand as well as an elite Pokemon Go player and Pokemon TCG collector! PodgyPanda streams twice a week (on average) and brings an amazing chill vibe! Often found drawing up some Pokemon

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A question to answer!

As we start to write our first blog, we're hit by a startling question. What do our readers want to read? What burning questions do the have that they want answered?And we believe we've found the answer!Why not just ask?So our first blog is purely to ask each and every one of you what questions [...] Continue reading »